Urban Landscaping Design

First impressions are lasting impressions. Interior Plantscapes has the urban landscaping expertise to make your building’s entrance, walkway, patio or rooftop a memorable visual experience – a great first impression! We select unique foliage with vibrant colors and pair it with the perfect containers to dramatically enhance your curb appeal.

Seasonal Rotations

Allowing for year-round impact, we've compiled a fantastic array of outdoor floral options for your plant beds. We will rotate them seasonally, ensuring a fresh and lively display throughout the year. Horticultural options include, Chrysanthemums, Pansies, Poinsettias, and many more.
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Maintenance Services

Interior Plantscapes certified horticultural technicians will regularly perform all maintenance services needed to keep your plants and seasonal blooms looking vibrant and healthy year round. You can be confident that your urban landscape always reflects your company’s first class reputation.