Interior Plantscaping

We design the perfect solution for your residence or business using the beauty of nature. Modern looks, trendy arragenments and clean lines have been the staple of our great design for the past 30+ years. We'll outfit any space with the perfect amount of intrique, whimsy, or chic accent, sure to inspire pleasantries amongst your clientele and employees.

Interior Design & Installation

Chose from a wide variety of plants, sourced locally and nationally, for a complete natural ensemble. Working with vendors from around the world, we have unique access to an impressive variety of artisanal and manufactured plant containers. Matching any decor aesthetic is no problem.
All plants come with guarenteed maintenance to ensure consistancy in quality.

Blooming Programs

Our Rotational Blooming programs provide convenient and dynamic presentation to any space. We offer programs for Orchids, Bromeliads and Antheriums, each replaced on a set schedule to ensure a consistantly bright and lively presentation. Explore more options with our Custom Rotaional Program, offering a variety of plants, including Antheriums, Azaleas, Mums and many others.

Plant Rental Program

Our rental program includes both long and short-term options with maintenance and a guarentee of plant health. Options include tropical plants, indoor foliage, and our Blooming Programs. Short-term rentals of plants and containers are the perfect solution for events, conferences and engagements. We provide delivery, installation, maintenance and removal of items, all at a reasonable price.

Silk & Artificial

Select from a near infinite variety of artificial and silk plants, perfect for any environment or lighting condition. Add a clorful flare to any space and ensure a consistancy that requires no effort at all. We'll help put together the perfect arrangement using the same great pieces from our horticultural design studio, ensuring a fabulous result. For an even greater impact, consider our Almost Live plants - Fresh plants emblamed forever in a state of beauty.

Floral Services

our floral services include delivery and setup of custom and fresh bouquets of lively and bright flowers, accentuated by harmonious décor elementss.
Perfect for events and conferences, our fresh deliveries will add an exquisite final touch to your space.