Interior Plantscaping

IPI understands the importance of a perfect botanical solution. Modern looks, trendy arrangements and clean lines have been the staple of our DC/VA/MD interior plant service for the past forty years. We’ll transform any space to achieve the perfect amount of intrigue, sophistication, and professional polish… all specifically crafted to inspire a productive and creative environment.

Design & Installation

IPI will design a horticultural solution that mirrors your corporate brand. We offer an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from in container selection. Our tropical plants are sourced from sustainable growers throughout the world who strive to protect the environment. IPI warranties all of our products with full replacement at no additional cost.

Blooming Programs

Our Rotational blooming program provides fresh arrangements to breathe life into any office space. We offer a variety of flowering plants to subtly showcase all seasons and Holidays. Fresh blooms vary from season to season, year to year. Our seasonal favorites have included: Azaleas, Chrysanthemums, Bromeliads, Anthuriums, Orchids, Poinsettias and more.

Rental or Purchase Programs

Long or short term, our vast horticultural inventory is available for purchase or rent. Many of our clients enjoy owning their inventory while others prefer to make changes after 24 months. In either case, an IPI professional will design, install and maintain all foliage. We warranty all our products and replace any and all plants if they falter.

Replica Botanicals

If allergies or budget constraints prohibit the use of real plants, our replicas are an indecipherable option.

Floral Arrangements

IPI clients are always wowed when our cut arrangements arrive for display. Our florals are seasonal and locally sourced during warm months. Floral arrangements are rotated on a weekly basis and are consistently works of art and never fail to leave a lasting impression.