'Tis the season to celebrate, with over-the-top decorating! Let us help you find the perfect palette for your home, lobby, office or event, to create an inspiring holiday fantasy. Offering a high-quality selection of fantastic, transformative items, Interior Plantscapes is the fabulously smart option for Christmas plants and more. A combination of bright, natural and artisanal aesthetics creates the premium feel of our décor offerings and fresh and lively Poinsettia arrangements. Our decor can be arranged in a variety of color palettes and themes to suit any event or company brand.

Custom Design & Consultation

When it’s time to dress it up for the holidays, our office holiday décor is unsurpassed. IPI takes a deep dive to craft a decorative solution that incorporates your color palate and design elements; ultimately reflecting your corporate culture and your brand. Our high -quality extensive selection of holiday items makes every building we design completely unique. A combination of traditional, contemporary or whimsical ornamentation lends a magical feel for employees and guests. And of course, no holiday decor would be complete without the exquisite Poinsettia, always “stars” of the show.

Holiday Rental Programs

Our Holiday Rental programs offer a convenient solution, to incorporating your holiday spirit. We offer installation and removal, as part of our services. For our extended rental program, lasting up to 3 years, we offer refurbishing of items, and even greater financial savings.

Corporate Gifting

Honor your staff and their dedication, with the perfect corporate gift. We offer an assortment of corporate-friendly desk plants, each with a unique personality and furvent charm. Choose from a stunning Orchid, a classic Poinsettia, seasonal Ivy or Rosemary or a cluster of trendy Succulents.
Plant gifts for corporate organizations